Thursday, December 10, 2009

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1795. An apparatus for loading cartridges, by the Ideal Mfg. Co., New Haven, Conn., patent number 481,127 states:
This inventions relates to a combination tool for the loading of the ordinary form of paper shell cartridge, the principle object of the invention being to provide an automatic shot and powder delivery apparatus.

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1796. A bottle stopper remover, patent number 597,874, the left end had a rubber bushing and could be used as a stopper

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1797. A whetstone holder, it was worn on the belt and held water and a sharpening stone, when a farmer was using a scythe in the fields he would stop every once in a while and use the stone to sharpen the blade. The end is pointed so it could be put into the ground to keep it upright when the sharpener is being used.

1798. A can opener, similar to patent number 384,739.:

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The blade on the back is for shorter cans.

1799. These were marked "18th Century Brass Pipe Tongs", they were hung by the fireplace and used to pick up hot coals to light the old clay smoking pipes.

1800. This tool is a cleaver, meat tenderer, bottle opener, and an ice shaver. When compared to the patent drawing, you can see that the ice shaver is not attached correctly, patent number 1,194,838.

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